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Contribute photos of groundcovers that can replace lawns!

Lawn Reformers are getting lots of questions about specific plants that can be used en masse to create a low, […]

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Groundcovers Make the Rose Garden

I’m happy to see that (some) rose gardens are looking better these days, thanks to their good-looking and super-performing groundcovers. […]


Win a bouquet from an American Rose Farm – and ...

This bouquet features three types of Oregon-grown roses: ‘Prestige’ red roses, ‘Black Baccara’ wine-red roses, and ‘Gracia’ pink spray roses. […]

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Late Bloomers on CBS, and They’re Not Talking Asters

CBS Sunday Morning story this week did a story on late bloomers, which had me looking up from my newspaper expecting […]


Late season observations

Double lilies I’m sold. I first posted images of these here last month, when they had already been blooming for […]

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#TBT What’s Invasive? Telling People What They Can’t Plant In ...

The debate over invasive species won’t go away any time soon. We’re sure that many would still have issues with […]

Ministry Of ControversyScience Says

Stanford Organic Study Ignores Variety Differences

More nutritious because of the holes? Possibly. Rant readers, please welcome Dr. John Reganold of Washington State University, who has […]


Yard gard

And now for something completely different. Here’s a guest post from Catherine Berlin, a Buffalo attorney who now lives in […]

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Felder Rushing’s Mississippi Garden

You may know Felder from his radio show, his books, or one of his highly entertaining talks.  Actually, I’m entertained […]

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Ranters have been talking to scientist Doug Tallamy, professor and chair of the department of entomology and wildlife ecology at […]