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CrrriticScience SaysShut Up And Dig

The Butterfly Effect

  This was a hard image to get, as all of the new fritillaries were whirling around like … well, […]


Preserves work in every season

While I do enjoy visiting the warm glasshouses of our splendid botanical garden during the winter, the experience can pall. […]


Everyone Furious at National Wildlife Federation!

The yard Scotts wants us to have.  No wildlife allowed. Wow, I’ve never seen so much spontaneous action by gardenbloggers […]

Shut Up And DigTunein

Got to Scrape the Shit Right Off Your Shoes

It was cold in Louisville last week with morning lows near zero and daytime temperatures struggling to reach the 20s. […]

Ministry Of Controversy

Great Healthy Yard Project

That’s Diane Lewis, whose New York Times editorial “The Toxic Brew in our Yards” about pesticides stated the problem so […]

Ministry Of Controversy

More Beautiful No-Mow Yards

As promised in my first post about this book, here are more photos from the book, just a few of […]


The “Queen of Green”? You be the Judge

Cheap-shot alert!  Because yes, we’re all sent cheesey emails from publicists that could be posted here for a laugh.  So […]

Shut Up And Dig

Favorite evergreen natives – Ragwort and Bignonia

Today I’m showing off two plants that are not only native to me in Maryland but share two traits I […]

CrrriticMinistry Of Controversy

A meadow’s tale

The first thing I did after I bought the farm was quit mowing the grass. The property is ten acres […]


Lawn-Mowing as a Patriotic Act

Google “lawn mower guy” and you’ll find dozens of stories about Chris Cox, shown here mowing around the Lincoln Memorial.  […]