Backup Cydia apps

Backup Cydia apps when upgrading your firmware, so do not need to reinstall everything afterwards.

When upgrading to the latest firmware iPhone, you also need to upgrade the apps in order for them to continue working. Normally this is done through iTunes, but since Cydia apps are not included in iTunes they will not be updated. In order to address this problem you need to have a backup of your Cydia apps. This problem is what AptBackup tries to solve, and does so in a rather innovative way.

How does AptBackup work?

AptBackup makes a list of all the Cydia apps on your iPhone; it is not a backup of all your Cydia apps, which is important to remember. What AptBackup does is make a backup of this list and then reinstall the apps on the list, after the firmware is upgraded. Best of all; it does all this automatically. AptBackup is quite easy to use just follow the guide below.

  1. Install AptBackup through Cydia: You can find it under System Section.
  2. To backup your Cydia apps click the backup button to crate the backup list.
  3. Upgrade the firmware on your iPhone via iTunes.
  4. Jailbreak your iPhone again and install AptBackup via Cydia once again.
  5. Launch the AptBackup and click the restore button to reinstall apps according to the list you created earlier.

And now you are done.

Remember that this is not an actual backup application that saves all your data and settings. So you need to set these once again for every time you upgrade your firmware. This can be problematic, but since you know how to use Cydia, you also know the downside of using jailbreak apps; and this is one of them.

AptBackup is the closest you will get to backup Cydia apps, but we will not stop looking for better alternatives.

Backup Cydia Apps