How do I backup my computer?

How do I backup my computer? is one of the most commonly asked questions, as many people already know what a backup is. To answer the question I am going to take you through the most standard method step-by-step, because I think this is the best way to learn how to make a backup and thus answering the question: How do I backup my computer?

This guide is made for Windows 7, but you can easily adapt it to other Windows versions. First of you should open up the start menu and select “Control Panel”. Here you will get the following screenshot:

How do I backup my computer

In the highlighted area there is an option to “Back up your computer”, which you should select. Now you are in the backup section of Windows 7. Here you have two general options: 1. Backup 2. Restore. It is important to know how each of them works, but for now we will focus on the backup part. Select “Set up backup” after which the following screen will be shown.

I only have one media to choose from in this example. This is because I only have one hard disk, and it is not possible to backup a hard disk on itself. Even though you can with some programs I would advise you not to because if something happens it might damage your backup as well. I am connecting an external hard drive and refreshing the backup program. Now I can select the external hard drive and click “Next”.

Now the backup utility will prompt you to choose whether you want to let Windows choose which folders to backup or if you want to do this yourself. For this guide choose “Let Windows choose” and click next. The last screen will see show the settings you have chosen and give you the option to run the backup.

If you click “Save settings and run backup” you will have completed the backup process. There are a couple of things you should remember. First of all you need to have a good amount of available space on the media you chose for the backup. External hard drives are one of the best options as they relatively cheap and can hold a lot of data. Secondly you need to plan how you will store the media you chose. This is of cause not necessary if you chose an online or network solution, as they store data separate from the computer. Choose a place that in some way is separate from your computer in case of theft, fire or anything else that might damage the backup along with your computer.

This should answer the question “how do I backup my computer?”